It’s time to talk about the menopause.

Menopause is often treated like a shameful secret. It’s time for you to speak out, share your truth – and support other women (as well as yourself).

This is a safe space and anything you say will be 100% anonymous. So, take a deep breath and share your story.

50 years





– Mind, body and spirit is key to managing self.
– Mind: occupying time with reading, meditation, yoga, exercise, walking, peace and quiet.
– Body – exercise daily (30min),
– Soul – finding the space to be more spiritual, which gives you hope, positive mindset and motivation


Be kind to yourself – it’s a long and rough ride, so please seek out your support networks, educate yourself on the issues and most of all be kind to yourself as it is such a huge change to yourself and your body.


Rest as much as you can, it’s normal to be up and down emotionally and you just need to be kind to yourself and put yourself first for once. And don’t suffer in silence but seek help


Find out about the menopause and all it’s symptoms – so that when strange things are happening to you – either emotionally or physically you are less scared because you are more informed


It will get better. Don’t always settle for the first option, find what works for you. You don’t have to suffer in silence


There are good books out there. I don’t think doctors really understand it.

Share your menopause story, anonymously.

Menopausal? Or are you perimenopausal? Even if your periods haven’t stopped yet, you could have symptoms months or years before.

If so, please help others – and yourself – by sharing your story here.