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By 2025, over 1 billion women worldwide will be menopausal*.
So why is there still a stigma around it? Why do so many women suffer in silence?

*See 2014 study by The North American Menopause Society

Average age when women reach the menopause in UK

It’s time to change how we talk about ‘the change’.

It’s time for women to feel safe enough to shout out their menopause stories without shame. It’s time to seize the chance to support others and yourself.

Calling all menopausal and perimenopausal women!

Are you menopausal? Have your periods stopped and can you no longer get pregnant naturally? Or perhaps you’re perimenopausal – in the transition that can begin months or years before menopause.

Then please share your menopause stories to support yourself and other women.

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