I believe strongly I am going through perimenopause but have not had this confirmed by a doctor. My main route for support is my female friends of my age, who all seem to be experiencing similar symptoms and the lightbulb moment clicked for us. I feel there is therefore a support network there, and also I have found a strong support network on Twitter. I do believe more education is needed on menopause and perimenopause too as it is hardly talked about. I have found the sheer multitude of symptoms overwhelming; some days I feel fine, some days I feel absolutely terrible. I am tracking my symptoms now on my period cycle app and have found this very helpful but I am still not 100% sure if everything is related to my menopause or if there is something really wrong going on with me. Some days you feel like it is completely overwhelming.


Yes. It has impacted my life but not greatly because I have only had some mild symptoms but I have been extremely active, I have also tried to eat more healthy, be more occupied with time alone. I get up earlier than everyone in my household and follow a morning ritual. This includes; exercise, meditation, prayer, planning my day. The aspects that I can do with more support are as;
1. Information about it
2. More conversation with my mother about her experiences
3. Online groups / support for people my age – early 40s
4. Books about menopause and how to deal with it
5. Raising more awareness of it
6. Medications available for menopause and herbal / natural remedies.


It made stop working full time as I have had insomnia and fatigue. I got very heavy bleeding as my periods actually became more frequent and longer before reducing in number and then stopping so I developed anemia. Joint pain is still awful and I feel like I’m 83 not 53 when I wake up. My family have had to deal with terrible mood swings and anger. I just felt like a shadow of myself. UK NHS GPs have very little training in menopause and often just prescribe anti depressants/vitamin D and lack awareness of how debilitating menopause can be. More mainstream help from Family Doctors is needed.


It’s been pretty devastating – as I always wanted a family and we haven’t been able to do so. I am currently not really feeling like I have to do anything medical in order to deal with my symptoms at the moment. I could definitely do with more support with regards to a family.


The prolonged bleeding was awful, didn’t want to go out. Was really heavy at times and just felt so tired. First time Dr tried to make me have the coil but I didn’t want it and there was no discussion with about this. I thought I had been referred to a gynaecologist to talk about options but when I got to the hospital they were scrubbed up and waiting to give me the coil. Luckily I had found this natural product (nickname DIM) other name much longer which had stopped the bleeding within 3 days of taking. Pill and someone else I was prescribed did not help at all. I can talk to friends about it. I’ve always hated my menstrual cycle, when I was younger I wanted to have a hysterectomy but never vocalised it. I’ve never had children and don’t regret that, but now I’m going through early stages of menopause I’m worried about the hormonal changes. I don’t think that there is enough research in women’s health and we all suffer because of this. Also it’s harder for women of colour which is myself.


There are good books out there. I don’t think doctors really understand it.